Since 1946, Electric Systems Pty Limited has manufactured, imported and sold electric power transformer accessories throughout Australia and New Zealand and we represent as agents and stockists :

  • Advanced Power Technologies of Randolph, New Jersey for transformer and tap changer temperature measurement with control of pumps and fan banks. Ideal for new and retrofit applications.
  • Elettrindustria srl of Milan, Italy for Buchholz relays, butterfly valves, oil flow relays, oil level indicators, pressure relief valves and terminal boxes.
  • Europa Filter of Smogen, Sweden for oil filtering systems.
  • Hyoda Instruments Corporation of Osaka, Japan for mechanical oil and winding temperature indicators and sudden pressure relays.
  • Terman of Milan, Italy for mechanical oil and winding temperature indicators and milliamp transmitters.

We value our association with the suppliers whose interests we represent and ask that you direct your enquiries to them through us at sales for general supplies.

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